Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Space Drawing is in Progress!

Space selection for AAPEX is done at an online space drawing, which is now in progress. Schedules are still going out to confirm space drawing appointments. Be on the lookout for yours if you haven’t already received it! Exhibitors who miss their appointment for the Space Drawing will have their booth automatically assigned to them by show management.

Exhibitors who have not yet contracted for space will not be eligible for the Space Drawing. Applications received will be assigned space on an available basis.

Some tips for the Space Drawing:

- Follow along in real time to check availability of the booths you selected. If your selections have already been assigned, be prepared to select another booth during your scheduled time. Go to

- On the day of your scheduled time, show management will call you. Be sure to have your team available 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Sometimes we're actually running ahead of schedule!

Questions about the Space Drawing? Please contact Sandi Kulas at show management:
708-226-1300 ext. 19

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