Friday, November 16, 2012

Silla Automotive Announces New Packaging Design And Box Material

COMPTON, Calif. – Silla Automotive introduced a new packaging design for its radiators at the AAPEX Show last week. This new design will further protect and support the radiator against damage during shipping and handling and reduce the chance of bending or warping while in transit, according to the company. 
The new packaging has the radiator strapped to a cardboard panel with two bands to form a module. This module is loaded into the box so the radiator is suspended on the module and firmly secured. Instapak foam is then inserted in each corner to further protect and cushion the radiator.
In addition, the quality of the box material itself has been improved and is much stronger, Silla says. The new packaging material is more rigid and will better withstand transportation damage. Also, the Instapak adds a second layer of protection to the cardboard insert. This is helpful in the event that the customer opens the box and cuts the strapping, but decides to return the radiator. The unit can be re-mounted onto the cardboard insert and strapped with tape, but if tape is not available, the radiator can still be safely re-packaged back in the box by re-using the Instapak inserts.
The company says it also plans to begin using a similar packaging design for its condenser products by adding a handle on the cardboard insert. Customers can grab the handle to pull out the condenser instead of pulling on the condenser tubing itself to gain leverage, further reducing the risk of accidental damage.
"Developing a package that protects radiators and condensers during shipping has been a long-standing challenge in our industry, but with these designs, we believe that Silla has accomplished this objective without adding significant cost to the product," Mark Hallsman, president and CEO of Silla.

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